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Designation Assistant Professor
Total Experience (Years) 20
Research Experience (Years) 18
Date Of Joining 10/01/2005
Brief Information Pratibha Arya Assistant Professor Institute of Home Science,
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Number Of Research Paper 28
Number Of Research Student 10

Consulting Service :

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    URL: na

Specialization :

  1. MSc (Food and Nutrition)

Qualification :

S.No Qualification University Year
1 Phd (Home Science) Bundelkhand University 2004

Technical Area:

  1. Clinical Nutrition
  2. Food Science
  3. Community Nutrition
  4. Nutritional Biochemistry

Faculty Research Activities :

S.No No of Patent WorkShop Seminar Coference
1 0 03 18 National

Project Name:

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Recent Books, Articles and Publications:

  1. Child Health Care Practices in India Nikhil Publishers & Distributors, Agra 2015 ISBN: 978-93-82937-88,
  2. Advances in Nutrition(Volume-1) Published by Akinik Publication , New Delhi in 2018 ISBN:978-93-5335-017-8
  3. Advances in Nutrition (Volume-2) Published by Akinik Publication , New Delhi in 2020 ISBN:978-93-90217-65-6
  4. Advances in Nutrition (Volume-3) Published by Akinik Publication , New Delhi in 2021 ISBN:978-93-90846-42-9
  5. Advances in Nutrition (Volume-4) Published by Akinik Publication , New Delhi in 2021 ISBN:978-93-91216-10-8
  6. Advances in Nutrition (Volume-5) Published by Akinik Publication , New Delhi in 2021 ISBN:978-93-91538-55-2
  7. Applicability of Pigets Cognitive Development Theory in Twenty First Century” Journal Food and Home Science 24(3/4) : 248-250.,2005
  8. “A Parental Attitute Towards Preschool Educational in Jhansi City of Uttar Pradesh” Research Link-17.Vol-III (7)pp.104-106,2005
  9. “Extent of anemia prevalence during pregnancy in rural vis -a-vis urban population” Ripples Vol.(1)76-78,2006.
  10. The dietary pattern of pregnant women in rural and urban areas. The Research Digest.vol.1 (2)83-85, 2006
  11. A Study on Food Behaviour of Twins” Reasearch Link-26 Vol-V (1) pp.147-148,2006
  12. “Parental Awareness Concerning Their Childrens Interest and Behaviour (6-12years)” -1.Reasearch Link-24 Vol (7) pp.134-135,147 (2006)
  13. Nutritional status of the elderly people of Jhansi city : Journal of Dairing,Food and Home science.25(2):136-138,2006
  14. Adujustment Problem in Old Age-A case study. Journal of Dairying, Food and Home Sciences.25 (2):117-120,2006
  15. A study Of Mother Awareness About Their Daughters Education”. Reasearch Link-33 Vol-V(8)122-123 (2006)
  16. Attitude of Society towards Itercaste Marrige” Research Digest-Vol-I (3)28-29,2007
  17. “Effect of Mothers employment on the family and the children “ Research Digest-Vol.1 (4)22-23,2007
  18. Assessment of Males &Females Frustation” Ripples-Vol-2(1) pp-106-110,2008
  19. To investigate the reasons for different level of examination fear.Ripples-Vol.5(2) Pp. 57-59,2011
  20. “Awareness Exclusive Breast Feeding In Rural Wome”. Ripples-Vol-5(1).pp-24-26. 2011
  21. “Assessment of child abuse in Gorakhpur city” Ripples-Vol-5(1). pp-38-41. 2011
  22. Rural Womens Awareness And Adoption Of Child Health Care Practices” Ripples-Vol-5(1). pp -51-52, 2011
  23. “To Assess The Effect Of Printed And Audio-Visual Media On Food Habits Of Adolescents Girls And Boys” Research Digest. Vol-8. pp (11-13) ,2013

Award Name :

  1. Chancellor’s Gold Medal in M.Sc. (Food & Nutrition), Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agri.&Tech., Kanpur (U.P.) 1998
  2. Second prize in the scientific oral paper presentation session in National Conference on Wellness Chhatrapati ShahuJi Maharaj University, Kanpur 2014
  3. Excellence Award in Teaching and Research Biologix Research and Innovation Centre Pvt.Ltd.(BRICPL), Orcha, MP, India 2017