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Designation Assistant Professor
Total Experience (Years) 18
Research Experience (Years) 12
Date Of Joining 01/05/2006
Brief Information Inspiring the next generation of engineers, I am passionate about equipping my students with the knowledge, skills, and creativity to solve real-world challenges. With a focus on hands-on learning and fostering a growth mindset, I aim to cultivate innovative thinkers and problem-solvers who will shape a brighter and more sustainable future.
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Number Of Research Paper 6
Number Of Research Student 15

Specialization :

  1. Digital communication
  2. Wearable Antenna

Qualification :

S.No Qualification University Year
1 B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering) AKTU 2004
2 M.Tech.(Digital Communication) AKTU 2010
3 Ph.D.(Persuing) AKTU 2019
4 Innovation Ambassador (IA)(Advance Level) MoE's Innovation Cell & AICTE 2023
5 Innovation Ambassador (IA)(Foundation Level) MoE's Innovation Cell & AICTE 2023

Technical Area:

  1. Transducers & Sensors
  2. Industrial Instrumentation
  3. Analytical Instrumentation
  4. Biomedical Instrumentation
  5. Microcontroller
  6. Optical Instrumentation

Faculty Research Activities :

S.No No of Patent WorkShop Seminar Coference
1 0 30 05 National
2 1 02 01 International

Recent Books, Articles and Publications:

  1. ECG Signal Preprocessing using MATLAB,International Conference,BIET,Jhansi
  2. Computational Techniques For the diagnosis of Multi-lead ECG Signals-A Review, National Conference ,IET, Lucknow
  3. Development of an Antenna using flexible material for wide band application, IEEE

Award Name :

  1. Successfully secured an international Design Patent (UK) for the groundbreaking innovation of the 'IOT Based Laser Composition Material Cutting Machine.' This pioneering patent was officially published in June 2023, affirming its cutting-edge status in the world of advanced manufacturing technology.
  2. Achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the Advanced Level Innovation Ambassador (IA) certification bestowed by the esteemed Ministry of Education Innovation Cell & AICTE during the calendar year 2022-23. This remarkable accomplishment further enhances expertise in fostering innovation and paves the way for impactful contributions in the realm of education and innovation.
  3. Certified Foundation level Innovation Ambassador (IA) by MoE's innovation Cell & AICTE during the calendar year 2022-23
  4. Selected as a distinguished mentor at Army Public School, Jhansi, for the prestigious ATL Tinkering Lab, a pivotal initiative under the acclaimed Atal Innovation Mission by the Government of India.